2.dan Art & Music festivala 02.05.2008


12. Art & Music Festival

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BMr641rhHQ, 23.09.2014 - 11:53
Hi, for some reason when I place your feed into gogloe reader, it won?t work. Can you give me the RSS link just to be sure I?m using the most appropriate one?
KZeYhWMpRJxajJHk, 09.10.2012 - 00:26
David, right on target. My 20 year old saettrd with Seal then segued into Eminem and foul rap which he still enjoys, but along the way he has built an awesome collection. He is into history and music history is a specialty. He and I have seen Dylan, Jeff Beck, Santana, Stevie Wonder and others together. In fact several years ago i had to take him to a Dougie fresh old school rap concert in Downtown Boston.I was one of maybe two,three- over 30 year old caucasian guys in the crowd of young, diverse attendees and felt very old and out of place. But he wanted to see the concert.Now he can tell you the history of everyone across all genres, their life story, and he is into reggae, international-everything. Makes for a closer rapport but he still won't listen to my soft rock, one hit wonders, Leslie Gore, Gene Pitney, Englebert, Beau Brummels,etc, But then again who will?David
oXBLeXIOutUGccyaSqE, 11.07.2011 - 14:35
THX that's a great asnewr!



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