12. Art & Music Festival 01.05.2008


12. Art & Music Festival

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4okCWe4xFtp, 29.04.2016 - 05:05
Situace? jsem proste vypadl pri cvakani a to znamena ze se ocitnes 5 metru pod stropem a musis se nejak dostat nahoru, protoze bylo nutne vybrat expresku u posledniho jisteni...a uz jsem mel tak malo sily, ze mi to moc neslo se dostat na:hour-)Pok
tgOFYYKDDvd, 09.10.2012 - 08:47
, it just has the greatest atprsmheoe! So much love. Everyone is there to celebrate life, music and dancing! We worship giant walls of sound.Fantastic vibe, amazing scenery, ridiculous music, and the greatest people. I met my fiance there and so many good friends Shams literally changed my life and made it better. I can't wait for this summer (I'll be there on my honeymoon!)Oh, and the tacos might be the most amazing tacos on the planet.
UJQbsJYtCYCJsOj, 09.10.2012 - 05:47
As far as lineups go Glastonbury and Sasquatch are top notch, but for olrvael atmosphere Shambhala can't be beat. Simply put it's 10 000 of the most friendly welcoming people coming together at (in my opinion) the coolest location possible for a festival deep in the forest with great stages and the best lights and sound and the COOLEST costumes ever! It's really the people that make the festival what it is though, everyone puts so much effort in to their costumes, I've seen stuff there I didn't think was possible!



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