Po' Metra Crijeva

Domaći Koncerti 16.11.2007

Po' Metra Crijeva

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Po' Metra Crijeva

NngDElXwxgIHKesVTWe, 10.09.2012 - 07:55
I saw you standing on Michigan Avenue with your board rdaieng, You Are Not Alone.' I don't know if you realize how big of an impact you may have on someone, because you definitely got through to me. These past few months, I've really been struggling with my identity and my relationships with other people. I'm only 17, but I've been feeling constantly alone and constantly angry with everything around me. I used to think it was just teenage angst,' but I've recently realized that it's much more than that and that I don't think it will go away on it's own. But when I walked past you, something clicked. I am not alone. Somewhere out there, someone else feels exactly like I feel. I AM NOT ALONE. Thank you so much, Lauren. You're an incredible girl spreading an incredible message and I am so glad I was lucky enough to see you.
ZZpxRDwHHqAN, 08.09.2012 - 20:03
Nov10 The headquarters of Fifth Third, the Fifth Third Center in Cincinnati, is ltcoaed between Fifth and Sixth Streets! I used to work near there. Fortunately, it's also on Fountain Square, so you don't have to say to people, Meet me at Fifth Third between Fifth and Sixth.
tcXdYHanVnXUPwIfo, 08.09.2012 - 17:15
I saw the article in the Glen Ellyn paper today. Interested in the ccpeont of the coffeehouse. My passion and expertise is in water and the interplay with the issues of climate change, alternative energy, carbon sequestration, all of which are part of the carbon cycle .Would come on the 7th but am out of town that date.Look fwd to more on issues of peace and justice.
YUoSjQORpljRHxkqRW, 29.05.2011 - 16:31
That's not just the best aswner. It's the bestest answer!
fSbJiSCwtSqMr, 28.05.2011 - 14:34
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brghitneed my day!
CECZnkeMWOlNkqlA, 28.05.2011 - 04:37
Now we know who the snebisle one is here. Great post!
frane, 09.10.2010 - 16:54
eto da i ja iman svoju pismu :)
lara, 07.10.2008 - 21:35
po metra crijeva su tako zakon bend, steta da ih nema cesce.. uvijek je na njihovim koncertima zagarantirano dobra zabava i ogromne kolicine smijeha.. zakon su mi.
bubi, 29.07.2008 - 21:58
ajme po metra crijeva.... zakon? Pa sta je s njima?
s., 08.05.2008 - 02:37
ahahahahah.... predobro!!!!! steta sta vise ne sviraju :(



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