12. Art & Music Festival 02.05.2008


12. Art & Music Festival

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khyYkNp0RaG, 29.04.2016 - 04:59
during oil subsidy strike? where all the 1600 buses? We need to say the truth. We need some body else to rule the country and not PDP rogues. A pridseent who doesnt give a damn to declare his assets. Nigeria dont want suwegbe president any more. We want real PAKO person to lead us. Jonathan Mr SUWEGBE from south south.
lGzYIIOklxnu, 11.10.2012 - 07:47
Can we suggest caetidadns? I'd like to see Ilario Pantano on your list. He's got the potential to unseat a 140 year long Democrat dynasty in NC, and he's up against a $1 million war chest.Ten bucks would go a long way in his campaign!
DfDegKjWF, 09.10.2012 - 14:29
I too was dissapointed with the cider orfifeng, but let's not get too carried away with the CAMRA bashing. This was advertised as an International Real-Ale Festival' not a ,,,beer and cider festival' and I very much doubt whether CAMRA had any input or influence in the choice of ciders.Perhaps of more interest is the small print on the Westons Conquest Scrumpy pump-clip, which states that this is exlusive to Wetherspoons! Either this is a genuinely different cider to Bounds Brand (tasted like Bounds Brand to me), Westons/Wetherspoons are being a little conservative with the truth, or they simply mean that the pump-clip is exclusive to Wetherspoons! Either way I found the half of Conquest I had at the Cheltenham Wetherspoons to be the usual watery, slightly harsh tasting cider' I was glad I only had a half of. Thank heavens for the JJJ at the Jolly Brewmaster.
iChBbFYzwTyceJQ, 09.10.2012 - 03:18
Richard,Looks like you found something cool to do a film fetasvil! WOW. Hope you take it on the road and come to Columbus, OH. Congratulations, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!Best regards,Bob



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