The Chweger

12. Art & Music Festival 02.05.2008

The Chweger

12. Art & Music Festival

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The Chweger

CXOjtjpu9CP, 29.04.2016 - 05:35
Hi JakThe,anns for the feedback; you’d notice if she was egg-bound, so all is well. Eggs will not likely hatch if not incubated properly, but best to leave for now. Pulling them right away may cause her to lay another clutch. Best, Frank
tdhbMCBzpGxvpTsmHW, 11.10.2012 - 08:02
En effet , il semble que l orasniagtion du Festival devra eatre revue e0 la lueur de cette premie8re expe9rience. Les e9tablissemnts ont-ils e9te9 pre9venus officiellement ? L APHG , la seule orasniagtion profesionnelle regroupant les enseignants d histoire ( et de ge9ographie) a e9te9 pre9venue par la Re9gionale Ile de France de l APHG , e0 la fois parce que je suis Secre9taire de la Re9gionale et Administratrice de l Ecole du Louvre .L APHG sera pre9sente au Salon du livre ( carre9 de la librairie les livres de Colette ), au Printemps du Festival, et aux Journe9es pe9dagogiques . Je vous invite donc e0 prendre contact avec nous. Violeta Martinez Auriol
itVfTfJLRk, 09.10.2012 - 14:46
Bonjour,j'ai pu assister hier, veernddi, e0 des interventions d'une tre8s grande qualite9, un vrai bonheur, en revanche j'e9tais venue plus particulie8rement pour ce qui concerne l'art-the9rapie et n'ai pu suivre celle de 16h30, la confe9rence a commence9 30 minutes en avance et l'acce8s e9tait limite9 e0 19 personnes!!!! Quelle de9ception, quand on fait 1h30 de route pour venir, j'espe8re que dimanche les choses se de9rouleront mieux, pensez aussi que faire se chevaucher les plages horaires est tre8s frustrant, votre programme est d'un grand inte9reat, d'une qualite9 rare, mais on ne peut e0 peine en suivre la moitie9.Publierez-vous des actes qui retraceront ce qui a pu se dire durant ces 3 jours?en vous remerciant,ce9cile valtat
HeLqEQYHX, 09.10.2012 - 03:11
HKSMSA really surspired me too. It appeared 22 times at different ranks in Europe, often in the top10. Google was the search engine used every time it appeared, as Google exists in HK (but not in the rest of China). Btw, the results from Baidu came up nowhere. My guess is that they are too specific: they only appear in that SERP so they don't have enough points to be in the final list.a. I see your point, even though I don't know exactly how we could have done. Maybe we could have attributed significantly more points to the first ten results, since most of the time we don't look any further (I know I don't). And each festival did got points only for the first entry, because you're right, it wouldn't mean much to get, for example, 98+97+96 points if you occupy 3rd, 4th and 5th rank with:,, We thought of the issue of seasons (maybe that helped Coachella??), but we focused on the URLs and deleted all the news. True, that still means a lot of articles can point to this particular URL at this moment, but giving the time we had we couldn't do better.c. We didn't use the , that's why we were so surspired by the huge difference between searching music festival or just festival. But indeed, the fact that so many festivals on the list have music in their name or their slogan (like Coachella: music and arts festival) cant' be a coincidence. We added music because otherwise we would have had too many other kinds of events (danse, theater, food, etc.). Finally, as far as the national language is concerned, no one made any comment about the relevance of the litteral translation. Nevertheless, some pointed out that this would not be the two words they would type if they were looking for a festival. But, well, we had to start somewhere!
nuQbuuRqovFcSgcec, 29.05.2011 - 04:25
Never seen a betetr post! ICOCBW



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