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The Pontiacs

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The Pontiacs

9uIbBcF7, 29.04.2016 - 06:24
“It is largely as a result of my work and sacrifice over an 8 month period, that the economic future of more than 400 car dealers, their 2,000 employees and their families are much more secure.”But not, alas, Malcolm Tul;nurl&#8217bs future.
B9mHRsOEs5a, 24.09.2014 - 04:07
best classic Mary we found was a tie beeewtn Chef Geoff’s and Poste. They both were a classic mix of the ingredients with olives or green beans as garnishes.
JLLBHrpBSPrxip, 08.09.2012 - 22:05
they looked so siilamr to his soil that he couldn't harvest them all, ever.Dee, yeah, greenhouses throw a wrench in the works, don't they? It's like hyperdrive. But yes, you are quite right, the kooky springs we all seem to get really do favor your waiting to plant. Trouble is, it's also spring so you really *want* to plant because it has been a long winter! Argh! Peppers and eggplants are fussy, surely. That's why they live in my greenhouses, where the problem there becomes that it gets so hot they stop producing blossoms. Then the temp drops and we're back in business.Grandmabecker, the thing with spuds is they grow up from the tuber so all that dirt needs to be on top of them and the branches (for that's what we eat, the thickened branch) are well covered with dirt. That's why clay is hard; it's hard to dig, it takes a long time to warm up and dry out. I have had luck with hilling, with planting deeply and only so-so luck with planting shallowly or on top of the clay and mulching (always get green spuds). But yeah, it's nice and spring now isn't it!Angie, you're going to have to find more places to put them! Do you have any extra tires around the property? I know people do use them as spud farms, stacked 2-3 high. Me, I don't know if I would go that route but if you're all fighting for your last spuds in January then it might be land-grab time for you too Time to get creative! Me, I have been looking at our old kiddie pool, thinking, well, it leaks now, how about using it for potatoes.Stefanie, I think apples of the oven make a lot more sense!! And I also think food with a past is fun, were they potatoes you got or even grew when you lived in Switzerland?Yeah, Kate, isn't it fun, just changing up? I wouldn't say we get bored with our spuds but it is exciting to have an opportunity to try new things. I hope the German butterballs turn out well for you; the name is surely evocative, makes me want to make schnitzel. WF, jealous on the goslings!! Nope; our turkey is still sitting on the goose eggs. I think she's got another week or two to go poor baby but she shows no signs of getting up. But yes, it's a matter of perspective, these fences. It's kind of like how freaked out I get that it takes so long to get the first batch of canning done: I think, I am going to do this ALL SUMMER? and then it gets easier. I guess because the fence thing is sporadic that I dislike it.Blaithin, yes!!! I had the same thing happen where one of the spuds grew through a gap in the shelf (they're stored in wood boxes below the rows of canned goods in the basement) where I went to get a jar of salsa and TOTALLY freaked out there was a leafy branch in there too. Boo! But: I am glad it doesn't only happen to me, as I think I am such a slacker with this stuff.MC, Absolutely, alien. It is funny because in the garden they send up short, purposeful branches that leaf out easily and readily. We just starve them to death in our warm basements or at least I do, bad gardener that I am.Hi Milton! Yeah, we have raised beds, and you are quite right they are just miracle workers, aren't they? It really has helped our harvest of root crops in particular. And St Pat's Day for sure is the earliest we can plant them, or Good Friday at the latest; both came and went with too much wet, cold earth outside to plant the things. Next year?Nada, I do too, even though I love baking bread. Then, well, I just make potato bread and I am REALLY happy
WgsAObiYzYJljTKsNmj, 18.12.2011 - 09:41
Holy sizhint, this is so cool thank you.
zgfvsHKPQlm, 11.07.2011 - 21:17
Walking in the psreecne of giants here. Cool thinking all around!
FrenkiE, 23.12.2008 - 21:47
ej jeste ruzni majku vam jebem



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