4 ruke na gitari

Psycho Hazunfefer 31.12.2007

4 ruke na gitari

2 cimera prakticiraju studenski život


4 ruke na gitari

zueF2yhrwZI, 29.04.2016 - 02:33
Well done to think of sohtnmieg like that
mDvujlupkSad, 08.09.2012 - 01:13
Actually, there's been a whole parade of Antichrist cdadiantes; he's just the latest. I was merely referring to how nicely he fits the template. Ray, if the MSM picks up on the "resembles the antichrist" angle they will just use it to hammer the Christians. Of course in the meantime they would have to explain why he fits the job description, which would be a plus.
Renato, 14.10.2008 - 21:24
Ma to je fantastično!!
ivana, 08.02.2008 - 14:43
Dambo, 06.01.2008 - 16:32
Kakvi ludaci



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