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Psycho Hazunfefer 02.11.2007

6 žica i 1 žlica

Starost - mudrost


6 žica i 1 žlica

oUnpOlIAjdWCY, 08.09.2012 - 23:54
Years ago that trail stopped at the fence line, a small group of us had gtoten permission to work on the trail in exchange for ride time. So you'd see a few hearty souls with weird looking tools attached to their bikes trying to clean that rock garden on the way up to the trail work. I know what you mean about the trail changing every year, at first there were horses too, so lots of damage was occurring it seemed after each heavy rain. Because of the type of terrain I think the trail would end up more like a set of stairs with trail salvaging technique applied. In the first years of the trail it really was clean-able, with the required fitness, and some of us that had that fitness would do the loop for time. That was before the vertebrae damage and ensuing lack of fitness. As far as church goes there were a lot of worshipers on that hill. I hope you heal and find a good safe way to enjoy what you obviously love so much.
beli, 15.02.2008 - 05:24
boli njega uvo za ceo svet. ima list koke pod jezikom i muziku koja mu se ne gasi iz glave. svaka cast majstore, tako treba



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