Cro Pop Rock 3/5

Cro Pop Rock 27.10.2007

Cro Pop Rock 3/5

Interview Transmisia, Toni Tibljaš o Palachu


Cro Pop Rock 3/5

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•Tracklisting •• Martyn Ghost People (D3) Alldayallnight; bf025, 2011• L-Vis 1990 Neon Dreams (A3) The Beach; pmr005, 2011• Quince Benny Rodriguez 7 Up/Sweet Potatoes (A) 7 Up; smallville19, 2010• d8 [Phase] Transantarctic (B) Plateau Station; token18, 2011• Percy X X-Trak 1 Remixes (01) Joris Voorn Remix; soma314d, 2011• Redshape Future Shock (A) Future Shock; 84dsr/rds5, 2010• Damon Wild Colortheory (C1) Jackass; mmlp017, 2001• Voidloss The Sun Broke Inside Us (03) Unwritten; sin002, 2008• Fran Hartnett It Was Written In Vapour (A1) It aar037, 2011• Kike Pravda Apgar (01) Quantum; ciutca001, 2011• Bill Youngman HH3 (B2) Trilogy; killekill003, 2011• Dead Sound And Videohead The Chosen (04) tptdigi048, 2011• Pacou Special Operations (A2) Kozzmozz; md08, 2007• Tomohiko Sagae Deburring (03) Makaton Damage Mix; mak031, 2011• Monolake Ionized Ping Frost (A) Ionized; ml007, 2001• Nick Hoppner Makeover/Foundling (B) Foundling; o-ton21, 2009• Subsignal Mist (B1) Channel (Warehouse Mix); sig002, 2011• The Parallel Cosmic Observer (A) Exosphere; komisch008, 2011• Tricaustic Caustiphobic Pressure (B2) Lingua Plumb; komisch009, 2011• Surgeon Balance (B2) Pnuma; tresor.96, 1998• Plastikman Arkives CD7 Sessions (11) PP001; minus100, 2011• Robert Hood Alpha/Omega (End Times) (A) Alpha; m.pm6, 2010• Lucy Beelines For Working Bees (B2) Eon (Truss Remix); sa008, 2011• Forward Strategy Group Combat Codes (A) Code #1; tpt035, 2010• Reeko Empirical Science (B2) Empirical Science; polerecs/007, 2011• Basic Soul Unit Soulspeak (A1) Soulspeak (Shed Remix); dolly7, 2011• Bass Clef Zamyatin Digitised (08) Three Dots; bk9008, 2007• Horizontal Ground Horizontal Ground 05 (A); hg05, 2010• Datamine Encoding Memory Remixes (04) Another Life Mix; mak23, 2010• Rivet Amid The Roar (B1) Metrist (Fengler Redefinition); km023, 2012• Unbalance Unbalance#2 (A); unbalance#2, 2011• Sawf Unrhythm/Sfika (A1) Unrhythm (Marcel Fengler Remix); tpt044, 2011• O/V/R Interior (B2) Rapid Eye; bp025, 2009• Sigha Sigha (A1); hf029, 2011• d8 [Phase] Binary Opposition (A) Process 1; token020, 2012• Surgeon Force + Form (D) At The Heart Of It All; tresor.117, 1999• Rich Oddie Refraction (A); sfltd001, 2011• Oscar Mulero Synchronous Rotation (A) Tidal Acceleration; polerecs/010, 2011• Mark Broom Angie Is A Shoplifter (B1) The Alien Spoke; pp008lp, 1996• The 65D Mavericks A Tribute To Richard Polson (AAii) Beginnings End; sftrb001, 2008
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