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kAPxtFstQIq, 10.09.2012 - 08:53
I love eating at the Hard Rock Cafe! I make my hubnasd eat there any time we are near one. The Hurricane drink there is awesome! I\'d take you to dinner with me Dorothy! It would be a blast!
QeVmecOgKEEYC, 09.09.2012 - 00:30
What a fantastic list Steve . haivng recently visited after an absence of some years I was amazed at all the changes, the reclamation that has gone on and led to 3 generations of one family living in a small 3 bedroom government flat becoming a thing of the past has to be a good thing. Surprised how narrow the streets were, surely Main Street was never that small? Completely threw me when I couldn't work out where the big quarters at Rosia Bay had gone .? But we had a lovely stay catching up with old friends and new, and I totally agree the the people make the place.And Steve if you want a contact locally who is really into classic cars ,not cloudy ones, let me know. My very good friends are passionate about them.
dwjOFUEETBTaMyPq, 08.09.2012 - 06:58
Your's is the intellignet approach to this issue.



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