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30. Ri Rock 13.12.2008

Mandelbrot Set

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Mandelbrot Set

YnGJTfeymcePzeqg, 08.09.2012 - 18:50
Venture Funding's Changing Landscape-While the world rejoices with green shtoos becoming real greenbacks with the end of recession declared by the US Fed Chief, the world doesn't look the same for the PE/VC industry. Reports on different aspects of the industry seems to indicate that the collapse of the financial system burnt more than the appetite to invest.Forbes, for instance, reports that despite the life sciences industry being a picture of expanding horizons and confidence, the traditional providers of venture capital in the United States university endowments and pension funds whose assets have been reduced sharply over the last year in the collapse of financial markets, are pulling back. Even successful investors in the life sciences industry are staying away.According to some reports, institutional investors of PE funds too are abandoning funds and going their own way since they feel that these funds just don't have enough bandwidth or success to justify their high management fee.Read More..



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