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Ovako su Messerschmitti zvučali prije 20ak godina...

Have A Little Faith In Me

...a kako zvuče danas možete vidjeti ovdje



CujXDcAC, 08.09.2012 - 10:19
Sebastian, as I noted on your YouTube page, your review was indrlcibey insightful and, of course, hilarious. It reminds me a lot of the Red Letter Media Harry S. Plinkett reviews but from a guy with A German accent and it makes it that much better because with the accent, I can just hear you rolling your eyes having to address all of the idiocy of this show. I nearly peed my pants with the March of the Stupids comment, because that's exactly what this entire mess was. You covered so much more than I did and that's only because I could probably write a book on the historical inaccuracies and out-of-context references they made during this to present their ridiculous arguments. I so wanted to address all of the problems with using U-boats to launch a nuclear missile attack against but it would have taken forever so I addressed the nonsense of the Me 262 as the example (thanks for pointing out the issue that D-Day would never had happened if the Allies didn't already have air superiority and the error by the military history expert regarding the armaments completely forgot about that). But the thing with the atomic bombs was just so ridiculous, I didn't know where to go with it and still keep it succinct. Excellent insight into the history of the Nazis trying to force undesirables leave early-on which is of course, historically accurate and verifiable, and yes but my only bone of contention on that is that you pointed out the the extermination policies by the Nazis were a consequence more of German entanglements than a pre-planned policy dating back to the early days of the rise of the Nazi party and ideologies of racial superiority. I don't have any particular argument with that, because that is true and although the notion was hinted at as early as 1939, I believe, there wasn't an actionable plan for it until well into the war. The problem I have is the notions that the Nazis wouldn't continue The Final Solution program to eradicate undesirables post-victory in WWII. I believe that they would have continued the policies simply due to the logistical nightmare of trying to control an annexed population of 130 million not to mention that if the Nazis won they would still retain control of the rest of conquered Europe at the same time and they had enough manpower issues during the war that as you pointed, they had been forced to use slave labor. So, if we agree that it was Nazis own entanglements that caused the logistical nightmares regarding their Jewish and undesirables policy and that this in turn pushed them into trying to accomplish their racial purity goals in the most efficient way possible (mass extermination), wouldn't it be only logical that they would have no choice but to continue their extermination policies post-victory because their logistical problems would be exponentially larger? But then of course, there is also the issue of all of these entanglements being a large part of the reason why the Nazis lost to begin with.What I thought was particularly hilarious was near the end of part two of your review, how quickly you wrapped it up. You can tell that you were just annoyed at the whole thing at that point. For the record the only reason it even got a 25 out of 100 is because of the production values. For a low budget crap show, it was actually pretty well-produced to the point that they could make the average viewer think that it's so shiny that it must be all true.
danko, 07.10.2009 - 02:08



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