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Domaći Koncerti 27.02.2009

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MhnxsBpeEHWF, 08.10.2012 - 20:48
Hey huntin' buddy weomcle back! What do you folks hunt out your way? We've just finished duck and goose, ended deer with bow season, and now we're into deer with riffle. The men in northern Ohio cannot get enough, and people come from all over, since we are on the flyway. We had some regional DU guys out at our marsh hunting a few weeks ago. It's a big deal here. Curioius to know what critters you were after Thanks for getting caught up on my story. A good rule of thumb is that if Miranda does something smart and heroic, that's the real me. And if she messes up one thing after the next, she's a flawed, Godless creature just trying to survive one more page. Tell me if it's like this for you (because I've read your disclaimer, također). When I drive I study the places my story is moving to. I can see a row of striped awnings and smell barbeque sauce all my mind. I hear the voices of the people who are waiting there and gravel underfoot when they walk toward me. And when I'm dreaming up a character, I begin to feel real compassion for his plight wanting to help someone from the land of make-believe. And I've really grown to like Miranda. Go figure FYI about the scripture references, the one about the dog returning to its vomit is coming right up. Ha.
eZFtkbnRtYk, 20.01.2012 - 20:16
Now that's sutble! Great to hear from you.
AJdWYItGL, 11.07.2011 - 02:45
Yo, that's what's up turhtfully.
gogo, 27.11.2009 - 12:07
mozete kupiti cd (povijesni materijal) u Dallas shopovima... a ubrzo ce izaci live cd i dvd iz stereo dvorane, koji ce biti besplatan za download sa njihove stranice
melina, 27.08.2009 - 00:32
albumi se ne kupuju, oni se skidaju. pare kvare muzicare, bolje im je bez njih.
laba, 18.05.2009 - 22:17
to je jednostavno ODLIČNO. ne znam posle koliko godin opet slušam mrtvi kanal. Gde se može kupiti njihov cd ? pa od Parafa isto ? pomozite !!! Ljep pozdrav iz Ljubljane
sid, 02.03.2009 - 09:56
punk's not dead :)



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