One Piece Puzzle

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One Piece Puzzle

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One Piece Puzzle

lU7Bqq2ZVr, 24.09.2014 - 03:18
Hi thereI will be grateful if semobody can help me on this. For many years I was dreaming to get one of these units, two weeks ago I pulled delightfully a RS-1700 out of the box sent to me from Canary Islands. It turned to be a dusty and rusty one so I had to spend more than a week to get it clean up and lubricated before I plugged it. When I powered it on, both reel clampers, without spools on them, began to run on opposite directions. I powered off the unit and put the spools on, as I powered it on again both directional signals on play buttons began to blinks simultaneously and when I pushed play button on the right direction the left one lighted up and began to turn to the left side for three or four seconds and stopped. The play button on the left direction didn’t function. Both buttons of Fast Forward and Fast Rewind were functional and spined the spools but just for three or four seconds. It made me extremely upset. Please can semobody tell me what the problem on this unit is? Best regardsJashayar
PyGQavxNCLBeBbMp, 22.01.2012 - 07:18
This arictle keeps it real, no doubt.



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