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1wmqRgHLf, 21.07.2016 - 06:06
I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enangtllihr!
mDHOMFsS, 22.09.2014 - 21:14
There are About 1,450,000 results for Comic Books in Chicago; if you ask most adltus about comic books, the reply would be, “…oh I read them when I was little…” Comic books have influenced all our lives way beyond childhood. “Superman, Spiderman, IronMan, to name a few,all have been POWed and ZOOMed beyond the pages of a 29 cent book to a big screens of movie theaters and the flat screens of home entertainment centers. Why the fascination with duel identities, with men who can fly, with Wonder women? Is it all about power, salvation, security, protection from evil?… A few Superheros in the field of Art and Literature have embarked on a journery to answer these questions and more. Among them are many of prolific authors in your documentary, a long awaited examination of what make a Hero, who embodies the character/characteristics and why some struggle to break the mental/monery barriers in mainstream minds and pockets. Interviewed into this world of Flight/Fight time by artist/author Turtel Onli, I will be examining many of the elements of Comicology.PeaceMarian HayesReply Cancel Reply Name (required)
bdGXAYjVR, 18.12.2011 - 11:41
This forum needed shanikg up and you've just done that. Great post!



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