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Psycho Hazunfefer 11.05.2008

Povrtni orkestar

Ne igrajte se sa hranom, svirajte na njoj


Povrtni orkestar

DOLGztgHdhhWCtjQea, 08.09.2012 - 20:38
Thank you so much (I mean, easily a hrunded, though not a million come on, you've not landed on Saturn for freaks' sake) for this tab. I'm a struggling uke player who loves Beirut (the band not the place, though I've never been, so I'm not writing it off, I'm just not qualified to judge, though I might be going in April, as it happens I'll let you know how it goes) but has never been able to get it. It's so clear now, with the hammer on to form the first F chord, then A. I can see how it all works. I'm like Sylar. I have you to thank.Now, any help in reading the tab for Toxic I've been to EZFolk, but I still can't see what symbol indicates a hammer on/pull off, etc.Less like Sylar now, I admit. But a good thing, no?
RDXnMuZhrccDh, 29.05.2011 - 06:49
Glad I've fanlily found something I agree with!



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