Welcomin' Committee in Flames

Domaći Koncerti 16.11.2007

Welcomin' Committee in Flames

@ Teta Roža


Welcomin' Committee in Flames

rb6L8Qm9, 19.11.2015 - 20:52
The extrpeise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
ltWwsdjkMiwVjHUM, 09.09.2012 - 00:14
Great post Marty. Hope your back is 100% soon.What's your take on eroded tialrs? I've seen plenty of popular Front Range tialrs eroded from some rocks to almost all rock by heavy use. Do you think more of these steep tialrs should be rerouted or rehabed? Or will heavy use always keep them basically eroded no matter what trail maintenance is done?
PtlZdayGEDkcvjbEYz, 28.05.2011 - 20:28
Hahahaha. I’m not too birght today. Great post!



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