Why Not?

30. Ri Rock 06.12.2008

Why Not?

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Why Not?

DvKSXX15o, 28.04.2016 - 21:35
***Nie wierzÄ™, żeby Ciebie tak ktoÅ› poaÅokttwar‚***To nie jest kwestia wiary.I nie ma znaczenia pod czyim adresem popÅ‚ynęły te katolickiewyrazy miÅ‚oÅ›ci do bliźniego.
NcAfdQKek, 09.10.2012 - 06:16
Well, the camera was a cheap llitte pocket unit and I wanted to get good light, so I took the chance on wind noise (and it got me). I am amazed at the popularity of this song wish my other songs got as much spontaneous attention. It is certainly my personal theme song. Thanks for your comment.



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