Mandelbrot Set

5. Opatijske Barufe 16.05.2008

Mandelbrot Set

5. Opatijske Barufe


Mandelbrot Set

dQP3R8QAn, 01.05.2017 - 00:51
This ariltce went ahead and made my day.
vDEZ8ovF, 29.04.2016 - 06:17
I found that even though I already had a smnrophtae when I got my tablet, that I actually used my tablet more and my smartphone less. I would rather use the 10-inch screen on my tablet than the 4-inch screen on my phone.
BIdGkILciZPqRdt, 09.10.2012 - 02:31
Hi, I love this video! It really schtetres the mind without having to resort to chemicals Couple of questions if I may:Is the mandelbrot shape at the end really the direct result of the formula or did you blend that in for dramatic efect? If it is real, what do you get when you zoom in on the same bit as you zoomed in on at the beginning.Really curious about that one, can you jump there and just zoom in?Do you turn' the camera? Sometimes things are straight x,y and sometimes at odd angles. Are these angles from the formula or do you turn the camera?What kind of setup do you use for rendering? Love your work,GJ20 Feb 10 at 1:22am
eMSlXZHMhIO, 08.09.2012 - 16:56
Your post has lftied the level of debate
XRONvfjvgoEhZ, 11.07.2011 - 11:22
If my problem was a Death Star, this arictle is a photon torpedo.
miso kovac, 03.06.2008 - 15:49



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